High-Purity Piping

View of high-purity piping designed for a cleanroom facilityToday's industrial standards are rigorous when it comes to cleanliness and our staff is fully trained to implement these exacting requirements.

ASME B31.3 and ASME BPE, process piping and bio-processing equipment design codes serve as our guidelines.

Our proven fabrication methodology ensures that we consistently meet even the most exacting anti-corrosion goals while ensuring optimum purity. 

For maximum cleanliness and efficiency, we maintain a 500-square-foot class 10,000 cleanroom for off-site fabrication. This fully equipped facility includes real-time particle monitoring, as well as integrated purge and welding gas manifold systems.

Our services and products fabricated in the cleanroom include:

  • Valve Manifold Boxes
  • Gas Sticks
  • Gas Cabinets
  • Modular Skids
  • Vacuum Pump Spools
  • Tool Retrofits
  • Purified Argon and Nitrogen Gas Supply
  • Orbital Welding